Wednesday, February 18, 2015

IVF Workshop for Acupuncturists

I spent a day in the office of Dr. Christo Zouves completing the Zouves Fertility Center's Day with the Doc Workshop. The program is designed to provide acupuncturists training in the IVF process. I shadowed Dr. Zouves while he saw patients undergoing evaluation and treatment for a variety of fertility concerns.

I was able to view ultrasounds of the uterus and the ovaries as well as learn about the latest advances in laboratory techniques. I also had the opportunity to be present in the operating room for an IVF retrieval and an IVF transfer.

This workshop enabled me to expand my knowledge of the science of fertility treatment from a reproductive endocrinologist who routinely utilizes acupuncture and Chinese medicine in the treatment of his patients.  In addition, I now have an even deeper understanding of what my clients experience when they are going through the IVF process.

Michelle Bullard